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SUNCHEON CITY council the happiest place with Center of the field, working, open.


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Suncheon city council chairman Suh Jung-jin

Dear 280,000 Suncheon residents! I am Suh Jung-jin, Chairperson of Suncheon City Council

Dear 28 million Suncheon citizens! And dear netizens!
We sincerely welcome your visiting to Suncheon City Council homepage.
The 8th Suncheon City Council has launched among citizens’ expectation.

All members of Suncheon City Council will prioritize livelihood settlement and civic welfare and realize “Just council that encourages people” through changes and innovation, bearing the pride that we are representatives of citizens.
We will do our best to be a council deserving acclaim.

We ask for your keen interests and support.
Thank you.

Suncheon city council chairman
Suh Jung-jin