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SUNCHEON CITY council the happiest place with Center of the field, working, open.

Representative Ethics

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Departmental responsibility

We, Suncheon city council representatives are, as the representative for citizens, do our job sincerely with conscience, and deeply recognize that rotection of local government and foundation of democracy would begins from us. So we swear that keep honour and dignity of council and do our best to promote for Suncheon city's balanced growth and citizens' rights.
For these, we make the representative ethics.

Representative Ethics

  • 1. As the representative of citizens, the council speaks for the opinion of the citizens and maintains dignity of the members by protecting the manners and cultivating personality and knowledge.
  • 2. As volunteers for the citizens, the council performs duty sincerely with the mind of public first to increase welfare of the citizens.
  • 3. We will not seek for unfair profit regarding duties, will not execute unfair influence, but we will take the initiative of upright and simple life.
  • 4. As the members of the Council, we will resolve problems through plenty of discussion by assuring fair opportunities and we will follow the appropriate procedures.
  • 5. As responsible politicians, we will be responsible for the citizens regarding all public actions.