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SUNCHEON CITY council the happiest place with Center of the field, working, open.

Administration & Autonomy Committee

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Departmental responsibility

Administration & Autonomy committee consists of 8 members. It manages various matters about general affair section, planning & budget bureau (Planning & audit dept, tax dept, account dept, public information & computing dept), people`s living support bureau (Administration dept, people`s living support dept, woman & family dept, permission & petition dept, land information dept), health care center (Health & sanitary dept, health promotion dept), International garden fair promotion group, etc.


  • Chairman : Yoo Younggap
  • Vice chairman : Kim Yeong-jin
  • Member : Seo Jungjin, Lee Bok-nam, Park Gye-su, Lee Yeong-ran, Choi Byeong-bae, Park Jae-won